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#i think christopher whitelaw pine makes me angry for a number of reasons #but the primary one is this #while standing still his exterior is that of your stereotypical Hollywood Star #he has the teeth and the hair and fit body #but then he moves #and it’s not graceful #he may or may not hit himself in the face #we just don’t know #and then he speaks #and out comes either shit like ‘indefatigable’ and a berkeley english degree or ‘bonjour’ when the interviewer is leaving and ‘commence bow and arrows’ #what i’m getting at is that christopher whitelaw pine is a dweeb #a huge dweeb with a salt and pepper beard and lame cardigans who lets his friends steal his shoes #and that’s all very upsetting (tags via astillsoftershade)

#i’m so angry #he’s outwardly this perfect LA golden boy #like. #that shoot with him and the surfboards? p e r f e c t #everything about it #is horrifically perfect #i have KNOWN dudes like this #except they were the LA golden boy through and through #(they were also surfers they were also bangin’ hot let’s put that aside for now in the interests of coherency)#(actually let’s not because you know how one kid always ACCIDENTALLY misreads ‘organism’ as ‘orgasm’ in english class?) #(they were those kids) #(i bet you chris pine is also one of those kids) #BUT BUT BUT ANYWAY that aside #he’s this perfect two-dimensional cut-out standee or whatever if you don’t look too hard #and then he MOVES #or he OPENS HIS MOUTH #and he goes ‘i’m really way into the super contrasty black and white’ #and whether or not HE punches himself in the face YOU want to punch YOURSELF (and also him) in the face #because basically christopher whitelaw pine is a fucking dork with a thin outer shell of too-cool-for-you golden boy jackass #who probably has backup sunglasses #excuse me while i go punch myself in the face #why would anyone even make this pie (tags via endquestionmark)

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if there’s any true logic to the universe we’ll end up on that bridge again someday



his face goes from homicidal psychopath to floofy panda in about 5 seconds

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